WorldVision Song Contest (WVSC) Official Rules


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WorldVision Song Contest (WVSC) Official Rules

Post by Andrew Vaughan on 19.07.14 10:19

The official rules for WorldVision Song Contest (WVSC):

No instrumental songs are allowed on the contest. Every song must contain vocals

Since WSC 06 no songs that have appeared on the Eurovision Song Contest can be used

The rules can be changed by myself without prior notice

No bullying, homophobic or racist behaviour will be tolerated. Punishments will be handed out at the discretion of the admin

All countries or applicants must vote in typical Eurovision style. Rewarding your top 10 songs from 1 point for your least liked and 12 points for the most liked. Please do not vote 9 or 11 points because these will be ignored

The voting for the semi finals and grand final will open as soon as the recaps have been uploaded onto the group page

Full links for all participating countries and their songs will be provided for the two semi finals and grand final

Semi final results are calculated by ScoreWiz and I will inform applicants how many countries will qualify to grand final

Grand final results are calculated by Scorewiz.

Not technically a rule but remember this is not a serious contest this is just for fun

Finally don't be a pain in the ass otherwise I will just remove you from the group promptly without explanation

Any suspicions of tactical voting will be investigated after the results and an appropriate punishment will be handed out if any members are found to be tactically voting

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